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A charming place with unique atmosphere

The family run hostal with its beautiful view is waiting for you.

Located in the heart of Cuscos picturesque neighborhood San Blas,

above the city center, it’s a perfect place to chill and calm down.

And at the same time it’s close to the touristic spots of the city.




Feel the Andean charm by climbing up the stairs:

Climbing up the stairs is the best workout for all the treks you’re going to do.





Connect with your own device or use the computer in the hostal to go online. 



The delicious breakfast is included in the price.



We offer free tourist information and organize tours.



You are welcome to cook your own meals in the kitchen.  



We wash your clothes and dry them within one day normally. Fair price per kilo.





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We’re looking forward to seeing you!





How to get to WELCOME CUSCO Hostel


WELCOME CUSCO Hostel is located in Cusco, San Blas, Asociación San Marcos A-3.

Ask for our pick-up-service or take a taxi from the airport or bus station:

Ask the driver to drop you off in San Blas, at the corner of “Tandapata” and “Siete Angelitos” Street.

From there, you will see the stairs.

Just climb them straight and then turn to the right until you see other stairs at your left.

Keep climbing a bit more – it is the third house on the left side. The very pinky one!!